Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Graduation Parties on a Budget

Congratulations! You or someone you know has finally graduated and after a long stint of hitting the books, note taking and sitting in class, it's time to celebrate! Graduation parties are a great way to celebrate the hard work a student has endured during his or her time in school. It's also a fantastic excuse to get family and friends to gather together. While some parties can be rather extravagant, there are ways to throw a great party on a budget.

The first thing you should do is to determine how many people are attending the party. This will allow you to decide upon a location. Perhaps your budget allows you to rent out a large facility, but if not, think outside the box and throw the party in your own home! Garages are the perfect space to have a party because they're not only cheap (free!), they can hold a large number of people. A couple days before the party, clean out your garage to make enough space for chairs, tables and buffetware. Then, cover up any unsightly areas with congratulatory banners, photos or balloons.